What does blinking red light mean on PS3? How to fix red light on PS3?

by admin on January 4, 2010

What does blinking red light mean on PS3? How to fix red light on PS3?

Well, if your ps3 is blinking red light instead of normal green light that does mean your ps3 has encountered a problem. However you probably might wonder what does that blinking red light on ps3 mean?

This article is just to help you understand the reasons behind that red light and how to fix it. When you encounter a red light on ps3 don’t just panic, because you are not left alone.

And I know that it is very devastating as PS3’s aren’t cheap! You were probably expecting Sony’s high quality standard when you bought your PS3, right? Anyways if your PS3 is out of warranty, it’s better not to call them. Because they charge you $150 + S&H to repair your PS3 and there are always other best ways to fix your PS3.

The red light just means “general hardware failure”. And because of this, there are many things that could go wrong. Though most of the times the “red light of death” occurs after a major Hard Drive failure. This is different from the Yellow Light of Death (YLOD), as the YLOD refers to problems with motherboard.

Since Sony charges you an arm & leg, it is a good idea to fix it all by yourself. But do not worry as there are simple and straight-forward expert repair guides, even for a beginner like me.

Of few repair guides available, I found that ps3 repair guide by Rob Sheffield is easy to use and has lots of videos and illustrations that can help even a novice. I recently fixed my PS3 with the help of this guide few weeks before and I have to say that they were straight to the point besides they also offer 24/7 support.

The downloadable repair guide has

• 5 videos

• A 67 page eBook with easy to follow step-by-step instructions and many full color pictures. Chapters include Cooling it down, The Reset Trick, Clean your PS3 internally (video), Format the newly installed Hard Drive, PS3 Freezing Fix, PS3 Red Screen Of Death Fix, Power Supply Malfunction, Hard Drive Failure/Reinstallation (video), Motherboard Problems (video)and Fix Blu-Ray Drive

• Access to members area

• 24/7 Support and one-on-one help, when needed!

I repaired mine within 2 hrs and it’s up and running and no problems so far….even if my friends encounter a yellow or red light on their ps3 in future, I know how to fix them.

So, if you want to save $120+, and don’t want to wait for 4-6 weeks, check out red lights fix for ps3 guide by Rob Sheffield.

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