PS3 Lights Fix Guide by Rob Sheffield Review – PS3 Lights Fix .Com Yellow Light of Death Repair Guide

by admin on January 5, 2010

Recently, my PS3 started flashing yellow light…I couldn’t understand why and don’t know how to fix that yellow light of death on my PS3.

I called up Sony to check, if I could send my PS3 for repair and shocked to hear that I have to pay $150 Repair Fee + $30 Shipping and Handling Charges in order to get my PS3 repaired and have to wait for period of 4-6 weeks.

Since I didn’t want to spend that much money and also didn’t like to wait for 6 weeks without playing my favorite games Assassin’s Creed and Grand Theft Auto, I thought why not let me try to fix my PS3 myself. But first I have to get some book or guide that should tell me all about this Yellow Light of Death and How to fix it.

I searched on the Google, and found out that I’m not left alone and so many people whose PS3 are out of warranty encounters this dreaded yellow light problem.

I saw some videos at youtube and other sites that told me how should I fix my PS3 ‘s YLOD, later only to find out they were not clear and confuse a beginner reader like me! I was frustrated and continued searching for a good guide that elaborates every details and makes it to the point simple and straight-forward.

I then saw a website called ps3 lights fix by Rob Sheffield – a PS3 repair expert offering a simple guide with detailed Videos, Guides, One-on-one help and 24/7 Support. The guide promised to be perfect for beginners. And since there was a money back guarantee, I bought the guide.

The guide for the promotional price $37 includes

  • 5 videos
  • A 67 page eBook with easy to follow step-by-step instructions and many full color pictures. Chapters include Cooling it down, The Reset Trick, Clean your PS3 internally (video), Format the newly installed Hard Drive, PS3 Freezing Fix, PS3 Red Screen Of Death Fix, Power Supply Malfunction, Hard Drive Failure/Reinstallation (video), Motherboard Problems (video)and Fix Blu-Ray Drive
  • Access to members area
  • 24/7 Support and one-on-one help, when needed!

The guide detailed how to permanently fix the Yellow Light of Death (YLOD), Red Light, repair blu-ray drive and 3 beeps issue.

With the help of this PS3 Lights Fix .com Repair Guide by Rob Sheffield, it took me almost 2 hrs to fix my problem and I felt it was safe and easy and hell the videos helped me a lot. They are detailed and to the point, even I…. repaired my PS3 with this guide. Being a beginner I was little nervous and doubted myself if I could fix my PS3 all by myself, thanks to Rob Sheffield I’ve resumed playing all my favorite games without sending it to Sony besides saving a whopping money of $120 :) :)

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