My Ps3 Keeps Freezing, Why is My Ps3 Freezing and How to Fix Freezing PS3 Problem

by admin on March 11, 2010

My Ps3 Keeps Freezing, Why is My Ps3 Freezing and How to Fix Freezing PS3 Problem?

Lastnight when I was at my friends house, my friend was playing the new Final Fantasy XIII game when suddenly his ps3 froze.

Having repaired my PS3 before…. , I thought why not let me check and fix my friends’ freezing ps3.

Though this isn’t related to the Yellow/Red Light (in fact, it may be), we could still repair it

Why is My Ps3 Freezing and How to Fix Freezing PS3 Problem?

Since most of the freezing problems on PS3 are caused by heat it’s quite obvious that we have to cool down Playstation 3 to stop the freezes.

1) Keep your Ps3 on a cool place. Think about cool ground or something else that’s cool. Be a little creative on this. But, don’t use wet towels or something. It doesn’t fix your playstation 3, it only makes it worse.

2) Restart your playstation 3. This might stop the freezing problems, but it’s also possible that it doesn’t have any effect at all. But it’s worth a try though.

3) Was your Playstation 3 hot when the freezes happened? Try to cool it down by putting your ps3 off. This actually might solve the freezing problems.

4)  Check the game disc and make sure there are no smudges. If so, clean it. I always use Windex and a really soft cloth.

5) Check your cables. Is there any loose cable? If so, then plug it out and back in. Didn’t work? Take out all the cables that are plugged in But not the power cord. Once you’ve done this, plug them back in.

6) Try another game and see what happens. If it doesn’t freeze during the other game, then it could be the disk itself.

7) Make sure that you have at least 50% of the hard drive space free.

8) Put your demos, music and videos in a folder. It will make the ps3 start-up lot faster

Hope this should fix the freezing problems in ps3. If not there may be problems with Hard Drive, Blue Ray Drive or Software failure that can be fixed using a good repair guide or sending it to Sony by spending $150+ on repair and wait for 4-6 weeks.

I would suggest using ps3 lights fix by Rob Sheffield a simple guide with detailed Videos, Guides, One-on-one help and 24/7 Support. The guide is perfect for beginners.

The guide for the promotional price $37 includes

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