How to Fix PlayStation3 Hard Drive – PS3 Hard Drive Fix

by admin on January 5, 2010

How to Fix PlayStation3 Hard Drive – PS3 Hard Drive Fix

I was recently playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 on my PS3, when it started blinking red light and the red light changed to yellow after some time.

I couldn’t understand the reasons behind it, so I restarted my PS3 to check if it was working. But to my dismay….my PS3 had the dreaded infamous Yellow Light of Death :(

Since I heard that sometime, the hard drive will cause the red/yellow light on the PS3. I thought why not let me try to fix my playstation 3 hard drive. Usually unplugging and replugging the hard drive internally will fix the problem. But I have to find something like a good repair guide that should tell me how exactly I should do it.
Since the PS3 system cannot execute any content stored on a hard disk of any other computer or operating system, including a PS3 hard disk that has been reformatted.

It is recommended that you regularly back up any data on the hard disk that is of a type that can be backed up. If for any reason software or data loss or corruption occurs, it may not be possible to restore or repair the software or data. Though I was unhappy with the YLOD on my PS3, I’m glad I did a back up of my game saves few days ago. Otherwise I would’ve to start from scratch…..

PS3 Lights Fix guide by Rob Sheffield is the repair guide I used to fix my PS3 hard drive. This guide explains everything you need to know to fix your PS3 with 5 videos and a 67 page eBook with easy to follow step-by-step instructions and many full color pictures. Chapters include Cooling it down, The Reset Trick, Clean your PS3 internally (video), Format the newly installed Hard Drive, PS3 Freezing Fix, PS3 Red Screen Of Death Fix, Power Supply Malfunction, Hard Drive Failure/Reinstallation (video), Motherboard Problems (video)and Fix Blu-Ray Drive.

Within hours time, I fixed my PS3 and it’s running good now. No problems so far. I resumed my gaming sessions immediately. Thanks to the rob’s guide which helped me and let me know what exactly I need to do to fix my Playstation 3 hard drive.

Also if you send your ps3 to Sony, you’ll lose all your game save data…but you can try to recover those data with the help of options shown on this DIY ps3 repair guide.

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